Opening a published project in browser on an iOS device as default?

I have recently finished my first mobile application project using Expo. I have successfully published it. However, when I go to my “published project” link, it says “With an Android phone, you can scan this QR code with your Expo mobile app to load this project immediately.”.

My first question is that if I scan this code with my iPhone, it opens up in my Expo Client successfully. So it is not just Android, and I rather would like to see “With an iOS phone, …” kind of information next to QRcode because I designed it on an iPhone. Is there a way to change that info?

The second and the main question is that if I click to “Open project in the browser button” it is opening my project in an android device by default. And the app looks nothing like I have been seeing in my local Android Emulator. I want to change that default to be iOS device. Is that possible?

Here is my project if needed: Expo

Thank you very much