Open Source Frogger Clone!

I built this clone with Three.js using nikki’s dope api!

It really pushes the limits right now (your phone will get hot :fire:)!!

Source is a little messy at the moment, as I’m implementing a bunch of features at the same time.

Currently I’m looking at adding:

° Sound Effects
° Coins
° Better Death Particles
° Better Character Select Carousel
° Shadows :slight_smile:


EDIT: hipster whale has asked me to “remove crossy-road”. So here is a completely different game called froggy street! It is a game with similar mechanics to frogger and other frogger clones.


this is amazing :blush: looking forward to the tutorial!

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Wow. This is so impressive.

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Lolol this is amazing. :open_mouth::open_mouth:

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This just made my day! Nice work.

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I just get an emoji of a woman shrugging when I launch the URL. Any ideas?

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Sorry for the inconvenience, Hipster Whale was adamant that the project be removed.
I’m changing some more assets and hopefully I can get something up in it’s place soon. :confused:

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I guess they think you did a pretty good job, @bacon!


That sucks. Look forward to seeing it :slight_smile: