Open push notifications when app is killed (IOS)

Hey guys,
I’m running RN 0.46 with Expo 0.19. (Detached to expo kit).

I’m using push notifications with PushNotificationsIOS, without any third party like firebase or one-signal.

Everything works fine, except for this scenario:

  1. App is Dead (killed).
  2. push notifications received.

wanted behavior:
A tap on the notification will open the app and navigate to another screen based on the notification’s payload.

current behavior:
The app just launches itself

** when the app is in foreground / background - it works as I wanted.

I posted a SO question also, with y Appdelegate.m code:
I can catch in the native code my notification but don’t know how to let reactnative know about it.

I would love to hear what you think.