Open a iOS build in XCode to automate screenshots using fastlane


I’m trying to use fastlane to automate taking screenshots on iOS. According to this guide Screenshots - fastlane docs I need to create a new UI Target in the Xcode project.

I built the app using expo build:ios and download the tar.gz build and unpacked it and the result is an file. I don’t know if I can open it in XCode. I think I need a .xcodeproj or . xcworkspace file? Do I need to eject the app first?



I suspect you would need to eject, but ejecting just for this would be pretty annoying :laughing:

What I would do is make sure everything is committed in Git. Then create a new branch and eject on that branch. Then do the screenshotting on this branch. Then later maybe delete the branch. Either way, switch back to the unejected branch for further development.

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