Only see the Expo Logo screen in the Expo dev client (android)

I created my first expo-dev-client using eas-local-build. When I install the APK on my Android device, all I see is it flashing “DEVELOPMENT CLIENT” in a dark blue background and then a white screen with the Expo logo and just stays there. Am I missing something? Is this normal?

it’s probably not necessary to use eas build local to just create a dev client, you may want to just run npx expo run:android instead to do so. if you do this you could get more debug info. alternatively, run adb logcat to see what is going on

it is not normal, no, something went wrong.

But if I use expo run:android won’t that mean I won’t get the config plugins namely I just added @config-plugins/android-jsc-intl - npm since I needed Intl support for date-fns and my previous polyfill isn’t working anymore.

On the progress front, when I did

expo start --dev-client the APK seems to have started BUT I end up with the following error

hard to help without more info, try to provide everything we ask for from Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

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I just tried the expo run:android I’m on Windows BTW. It appears to be ejecting is that expected? Also it seems stuck at config syncing.

“eject” isn’t a thing anymore. we generate the native project to compile it, yes. you can delete that when you’re done.

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Just trying to itemize what I have first as well before I create the bug. Another things that’s likely different in my case is that the EAS build of the dev client was done with a different account than what I am working on.

Also going to retry the expo run:android again. I’ll be a bit more patient this time.

Is there a way of seeing the progress of an expo run:android? just to make sure it’s not stuck on something. It’s been running for a few minutes now.

10 hours it’s still stuck on Config Syncing so I think something is off…

Unable to build a dev client for Android and successfully use it · Issue #18862 · expo/expo (