Onesignal Installation Error

hello friends, when I try to install onesignal in my expo project, I get such an error. Can you help please?

Error Message: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘smallIcons’)

SS1: Ekran Resmi 2022-12-20 12.53.27 » ResimLink
SS2: Ekran Resmi 2022-12-20 12.53.05 » ResimLink

Hi @mehmeterdogan,

As stated in the error message, you’ll have to use Node.js versions between 12 to 17 for global CLI. I’d also suggest using npx expo install to install the onesignal-expo-plugin. It’s is the local CLI version, as it is recommended with the latest Expo SDK version rather than the expo-cli, which is a global CLI that was previously used and is now in legacy.

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Hi , I did what you said but the same error persists

how do i solve this problem @amanhimself ?

The issue you have is not related to installation. Sorry, I missed the expo start reference in the screen shot.

Since this is a config plugin that adds native code to your project, you cannot run expo start and run the project on Expo Go. The Expo Go binary only contains native code that is pre-included with Expo SDK code. Any native code or third party library that requires changes to the native code, are not included.

You can do either:

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@amanhimself, thanks. I will use Expo notifications. Nothing to do anymore :slight_smile:

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