Old build crops up again days after getting newest build to appear

Hi all,

I have seen my JS bundle build version revert to an older version multiple times recently:

10 days ago i made a change that shrunk the size of a button. I updated the build number and published this change. After restarting the app on my phone a few times i was on the version with the smaller button

6 days ago i opened our app to use it and the button was big again. I force quit and reopened and it was still big. After force quitting twice more, the button was small again.

1 day ago i encountered the big button again. I checked the build version in an info dialog in our app that displays the build number and can confirm it was running an older build. Restarting the app a few times got me back to the most recent build again.

I have not found any forum posts or issues where others describe a similar problem. It’s not just that the most up-to-date bundle is not there on first launch i understand that’s part of life with Expo. What’s got me scratching my head is the fact that it would revert to an earlier bundle/build version.

One possible explanation? The build number i saw yesterday when i was looking at the reverted version was the build that went out with our latest app store update when we updated the Expo SDK and so pushed out a new submission through the app store. Is that build then more likely to get cached?

Thanks for any perspective you can offer.

Hey @liambootler! More information here would be useful. Which platform is this? If you cleared the app’s data or cache it would revert to the version of the app at the time you ran exp build. Maybe that’s what you’re experiencing?

Hi @jesse thanks for responding.

I’m experiencing this on iOS. The last time we did exp build might have been for the build that I’ve been seeing crop up. Since that time we have only exp publish'd new versions without shipping a new binary through the App Store.

Would the app’s data or cache ever end up cleared without me explicitly doing so? Again, the app on my phone was using the most up-to-date build/JS bundle but then a few days later it was running a previous build.

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