Okta authentication, how to use the response.params?

We are trying to use Expo authentication with Okta as stated here:

Expo has very good documentation for lot’s of stuff, but for the Okta authentication unfortunately we could not sort out how to use the library in a correct way.

Currently, with lot’s of suffering (mostly because of the ambiguity in Okta’s configuration pages), we came to a certain point where the following code correctly responds the code parameter. This is the exact same part from Expo documentation:

React.useEffect(() => {
    if (response?.type === 'success') {
      const { code } = response.params;
  }, [response]);

But unfortunately we could not find any method how we can use the parameter code to get the scope information, email, name, etc…

Can anybody guide us how we can use the object code to retrieve these data? (The Okta documentation is not clear for this either, so we are stuck.)