Offline bundle detached standalone version

Hello everyone,

just a quick question:

Is it possible to provide a offline JS bundle when uploading to App / Google Play Store?

If yes is there any documentation?


  • If you’re using exp build, this happens automatically.
  • In a detached ExpoKit app for iOS, this happens automatically every time you run exp publish.

There’s some documentation here but I think we could do a better job with the second case.

When downloading my App from Testflight and starting it in Flight Mode it gets stuck on my JS loading Screen. This doesn’t seem to me as it has a offline bundle?!

Did you have airplane mode on when you started the app for the very first time?

Yes i did. I only get a offline bundle when uploading my stuff when using exp build:ios

any news on this? i really need to be offline able on first start

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