NullPointerException on ExperienceActivity

I’ve wrote issue here.

Feels pretty disaster because I’ve already launched our service.
I tried to edit the code in jar file by extracting it and creating jar file again like below.

$jar -xvf expoview-24.0.0-sources.jar ** Extracts the files

** edit the file **

$jar -cvf expoview-24.0.0-sources.jar ** Create the new Jar file

However recreating jar file doesn’t seem to change the binary because it is keep crashing at the same line even tough Android Studio shows already changed code in jar.

Is there any way for me to fix this easy code and rebuild? I am facing many customers blaming on crashing whenever they click on notification and start the new intent.

How can simply edit expo code for android for bug just like this?

Responded on the Github issue. There are a lot of things that could be going wrong if you’re trying to recompile the jar. You need to make sure you get it back in the aar file correctly and put that in a place where Android Studio can find it. I’d recommend building a standalone app from source if you need to make this many changes.

Hi. Maybe you misunderstood my problem so I am writing again.

The first problem I faced was yes it happened after I changed mode to singleTop. However it keeps crashing even tough I did not set that. I found out there was null pointer exception in your line of code which is 245th line in ExperienceActivity. I just want you to fix that. I think it isn’t lots of changes. Will something happen if you wrap that code with try can catch statement? That would just fix the problem I think.

Ah ok. Thank you for writing again! Yes I will wrap that in a try/catch right now.

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Thanks! then how can I get updated version for expo android after you update it?

Please help. I really need this crashing fixed to make our customers stop blaming on me
because of crashing…

We’re releasing a new version either end of this week or next week and the fix will be available then!

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