NSURLErrorDomain error code -1009 on iOS and similar in android

Hi, i have a little experience in expo. Im not getting internet on my iOS and Android app when i switch to 3G/4G. I can replicate the error in iOS and get the error code -1009. I googled a lot, and i found that this error happens because i might have problems with my 3G/4G connection, but thats not the case, when this happens i can browse the internet through 3G/4G normally. I cant find a solution to this. I CANT replicate this error on Android phones at the moment, but there are some android phones with the same problem but not specifically mine. The app doesnt send a command to the server because 1009 error means no internet connection, but we have internet connection.

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Hello, we are having the same error in our company’s applications, could you solve the problem?