npx pod-install (Error : CocoaPods is only supported on darwin machines)

I am work want to detect landscape and portrait for my App project to adapt my interface application for the tablet. So I learned this documentation Installing react-native-unimodules - Expo Documentation but when I use npx pods installation for my expo project, I see that CocoaPods is only supported on darwin machines.
I don’t understand. Can you help me or suggest how to detect when the mobile switches to landscape and portrait?

Hi @sodiki

I’m not sure how you arrived at that document while trying to detect the device orientation, but you do not need to do anything like npx pod-install

I think DeviceMotion is what you’re looking for. Add a listener and wait for orientation events.

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Thank you wodin

I put a propotipe that works for the problem of orientation and adaptation for those who have the same problem

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