npm start gets stuck on Starting project at /Users/.....

Everything was working perfectly until today. now my terminal gets stuck on this:

Starting project at /Users/…

I tried uninstalling expo-cli, restarted the computer, removed package.lock and node modules with a new npm install, without luck.

Also tried creating a brand new project with npx expo-cli init test, giving the same error…

Using a MacOs Catalina 10.15.3 & Expo version 3.15.5

I think this breaking change happened since I move house location today and a different wifi? but i dont think that should affect it right?

Please help!

My expo diagnostics:

I have the same problem here, everything was working perfectly until today.

An other problem, when I scan the QR code with an iPhone, I get this problem : “no data available”

If someone can help us thank you

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Hi. Any update/fix for this? I ran into the same issue and am stuck.

It happened as well when I changed my network, since then expo hangs on Starting project at /…. I have as well deleted and re-installed my node_modules, cloned the project in a new folder, deleted and installed expo-cli, reset all caches, nothing of that has helped.

Expo 39, expo-cli 4.3.2, macOS 11.2.3

:pray: The process errored out after a few minutes and gave me the following error: RangeError [ERR_SOCKET_BAD_PORT] [ERR_SOCKET_BAD_PORT]: options.port should be >= 0 and < 65536. Received 65536.

This lead me to this forum post.

In short: my hosts file was corrupted (localhost was missing). Fix here.

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