Npm run eject v. exp detach

I have an app that I’d like to be able to run “standalone.” It uses some native code, thus, I used “npm run eject” and ejected to expokit. I’ve built and debugged in Xcode. All is fine except my app won’t run if I’m not running Xde - I get errors about failure to find a “Tunnel packager.”

What do I have to do to sever the link to Xde?

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When you ejected, which option did you choose?

same problem. @ide
i choose the second option expokit

I eventually got it to work. I eject to expokit, then I do a “release” build in Xcode, run the app then unplug my cable. After that, it is able to load from the phone without xcode. (BTW, to do a release build in xcode, you have to “Edit Schema” and switch from debug to release).