Notifications on Android - focus on the app

On Android, if I’m in the application and send notification from server, I received in parallel the notification in the app (ok with that) and the notification panel outside of the app (attended to not receive it on this panel when i’m focused on the app).

Is there something I can do to change it?

Hello! It looks like our notification docs are a little out of date. I’ll update those but in the meantime here’s an example of cancelling notifications on Android:

Note: you’ll need to run that on your phone instead of with the device preview

Hello Jesse,

Thank you for the example! But my code is identically.

The problem I have is in Android, I receive notifications even while I’m in the application.

I mean, I receive it into the android notifications panel too (outside of my app).
Does it normal?


It depends on your app. Some apps have that behavior. If you don’t want them to show up, you can listen for notifications and then immediately cancel them when you receive one.