Notifications in IOS don't show data

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  1. SDK Version:38
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Dear, good morning

I am having a problem with notifications on IOS.

Following even the example of the link

I cannot get the notifications in IOS to show me what I send in the data parameter, in Android I have no problem.

It happens both for notifications when the application is in the foreground and for notifications when the application is closed and I touch on it.

Any ideas?

I am using version 0.5.0 of expo-notifications

Thank you in advance.

Hey @deck2k, can you share the code you’ve written that handles the notification listeners?


Dears, i find the error.

The code for Listener is ,


in the Function this._handleNotificationResponse the code is (code with fix)

_handleNotificationResponse = response => {
if (Platform.OS == “android”)
this.AbrirAlerta( // here call to own function “AbrirAlerta”//
this.AbrirAlerta( //here, add body to data attribute in case of IoS!"

As you can see, both platforms handle the way they receive information differently, in “IoS” there is one more object.

Is correct this or is a bug?


Yeah, this is the current expected behavior.

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