Notifications.getExpoPushTokenAsync() not providing Expo Push Token in release mode (Android)

I am trying to implement Expo Push Notification for both Android and iOS. In Android when I am developing in expo, the push token is easily generated and the notification is working like a charm. But when I did exp ba and installed the build in real device, the Expo Push Token is not generating. its providing null. Even though the following call has granted in the result.

await Permissions.getAsync(

Please can anybody tell me what is needed here additionally.
Thanks in Advance

Hello, which sdk verion do You use?

I am using "sdkVersion": "27.0.0". Few minutes ago I discovered that the build app generates the Expo Push Token but in the second time. First time its generating null. But when I launch the application 2nd time and hitting to grab the token, then its working. May be first time the device is not being registered. But it works fine in dev mode. Don’t know how!!

hey @sujit, sorry to hear you ran into that problem. let us know if it resurfaces, and we can start tracking it here Issues · expo/expo · GitHub :frowning:

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