Notifications - FCM Device Not Registered

  1. SDK Version: 37.0.01
  2. Platforms: Android

Hi, I’ve followed the " Using FCM for Push Notifications", but the server response is as follows:

{“data”:[{“id”:“3652ee68-c836-4cba-86ba-8387f4d056b3”,“status”:“error”,“message”:“The recipient device is not registered with FCM.”,“details”:{“error”:“DeviceNotRegistered”,“fault”:“developer”}}]}

The package’s name is correct on FCM Configuration, and I’ve added google-services.json file, with matching package names.

I’m stuck in this. Any help would be appreciated



Same issue here. Please help :slight_smile:

Sorry to say i’m seeing the same issue. are you getting this on your own personal device? I’m trying to figure out if it’s my phone or if it’s something up with expopushtoken & FCM and non installed applications.

Update: i found out something not sure if this will help you and I’m not finished with my testing however here’s what I found. I published the application to and then from my phone (after reinstalling expo) i downloaded the most recent version of Expo client (2.15.1) i then using my camera (not the scan qr option from expo app) scanned the qr code from the profile page. this expoPushToken seemed to be valid. It’s possible that running expo from the metro bundler may not give a valid expo token. I’ll post if I’m able to confirm.

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