Notification Panel UI modifications

I am developing app using react native and expo & I have to implement push notifications in app. So far sending and receiving the notifications has no issues but my problems are mainly related to UI design on push notification panel :

Following is my simple notification message configuration :

content: {
title: “You’ve got mail! :mailbox_with_mail:”,
body: ‘Here is the notification body’,
data: { data: ‘goes here’ },

  1. Is there any way to design multi line notification?
  • I can use title, subtitle (which only works in iOS) but I want multiple lines in body part. I tried using \n in my body text but it doesn’t work.
  1. How to navigate to specific screen in app when button is pressed in notification?
    I have setup sample category as below :
    Notifications.setNotificationCategoryAsync(“daily_question”, [
    actionId: “yes”,
    buttonTitle: “Yes”,
    actionId: “no”,
    buttonTitle: “No”,

I would like to navigate to specific screen upon pressing of “Yes/No” button but I’m not able to figure out/able to find out, how I can write any action code in configuration.

  1. Is there any way I can design the notification panel content UI part as html/jsx code to have better control over how UI will look like?

  2. Is there any way to add image/table kind of components in notification ui?

  • It seems like adding image to push notification is under consideration.

Any pointers/guidance on achieving above points using expo notification?

If expo notification, cannot achieve above functionalities then what are my options?


any one can help with how to do UI designing for buttons i.e. background color, text color, action, etc.?