notification icon doesn't show up android.

I have a standalone android and ios app.

currently testing push notifications on android.

I have setup my app.json with the following notification key

      "icon": "./app_assets/icons/icon-48-gs.png",
      "color": "#000000"

the icon above is a 48x48 greyscale icon with transparency.
i tried also without color attribute.
all i get in both the status bar and in the actual notiification is a white/light grey/black square.

based on these other posts i have also tried a 96x96 greyscale icon.

Can someone please help provide guidance on what the issue might be?

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bump. help pls.

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Hi wexpo,
Could you share the entirety of your app.json?

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thank you thetc.
i’ve resolved it now.

here’s a post i just made on my experience.

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