Notification Deliverability

From push notifications faq

  • What delivery guarantees are there for push notifications? Expo makes a best effort to deliver notifications to the push notification services operated by Apple and Google. Expo’s infrastructure is designed for at-least-once delivery to the underlying push notification services; it is more likely for a notification to be delivered to Apple or Google more than once rather than not at all, though both are uncommon but possible.

After a notification has been handed off to an underlying push notification service, Expo creates a “push receipt” that records whether the handoff was successful; a push receipt denotes whether the underlying push notification service received the notification.

Finally, the push notification services from Apple, Google, etc… make a best effort to deliver the notification to the device according to their own policies.

^^ I’m curious about this last part. I’ve had some push notifications that were send out together and when I check for the verification, all of them are status “OK”, however no one received the notifications at all after 7 hours.

Has anyone else ever experienced this, that once the notifications are handed off to Apple / Google, that the notifications don’t get to the user? I wonder how other apps like Instagram, Facebook etc deal with this because it seems like their deliverability is close to 100%.

Managed 39.0 - iOS and Android

This goes along with the theme of this post. I’ve read:

Do the Expo push tokens ever “expire” or will they always deliver notifications to the same actual device (assuming the app is installed and notifications are turned on).

The documentation did not address the duration of these tokens…maybe makes sense to add something?

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