Not getting email regarding username

My son registered with the email but is not able to login or use the built in functionality to recover his username or password. No email is ever received in response to forgot username or forgot password requests. We tried recreating an account with the same email address and it says that email is in use so we believe the account is still active. Could you help? Thanks…

hi @richlyman, the email is indeed registered to an account. Are you trying to reset the password through the website? or through xde?

The best way to reset the password right now is at . Also check your spam folder to make sure the email didnt end up there.

hi @richlyman – upon further inspection, it appears that icloud is blocking our password reset emails. we are looking into this, but in the meantime, you may have to use a different email to sign up. sorry about the inconvenience.

Could you send us Jon’s username so we can recover his files using the @username link?

If you could also set his password and send us the username/password that would also be extremely helpful.

Thanks very much.


hi @richlyman,
No worries. I’ve sent jonathan’s account information to his email, which should allow him to log in. Let me know if that works!

Hi Quin,

Jon is in. Thank you very much for your help!


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