Not an Issue -- Cancelling all notifications hanging on Android after upgrade to v32

Hey there,

I’m seeing some difference in behavior in the Notifications.cancelAllScheduledNotificationsAsync() call between Android and iOS after upgrading to Expo v32.0.0 from v31.

On iOS, the function seems to execute normally. On Android, however, it just hangs and the promise never resolves or rejects. Here’s the code snippet (nothing special going on here):

        .then(() => {
          console.log('Done clearing local notifications.');
        .catch(err => {
          console.log('Unable to clear local notifications.');

I stepped through the call using the JS debugger and there’s definitely a difference in execution of the cancelAllScheduledNotificationsAsync function between Android and iOS.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue after upgrading? Any suggestions on how to resolve?


An additional data point here. The Notifications.cancelAllScheduledNotificationsAsync() call seems to work in a standalone managed Android app on v32, but not in the Expo Android app (i.e. during development). So it appears to just be an issue with the Expo Android app. Any ideas?

Another update. Looks like things are working in the Expo Android app now as well. Must have been a non-issue. Sorry for any confusion!

Glad things got sorted out @stevenpal!