Not a valid URL when call createSourceWithParams on Expo client

Hello all, I’m with a issue when I call a method createSourceWithParams, It returns me an error Not a valid URL. Follow the code example calling the method:

            const cardSource = await Stripe.createSourceWithParams({
                type: 'alipay',
                amount: 1099,
                currency: 'EUR'

The documentation says: NOTE : If you are using Expo Client or an ejected Expo application, do not specify returnURL .

Other thing I would like to mention is, on documentation it says that the method accepts a type of ‘card’, but when I add on code it say that ‘card’ is not a part of the enums.

Text retrieved from expo documentation:

The type of the source to create. Can be one of: bancontact ‖ bitcoin ‖ card ‖ griopay ‖ ideal ‖ sepaDebit ‖ sofort ‖ threeDSecure ‖ alipay

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