not a valid SDK version, ejected app Android upgrade

I have the issue when my upgrade my expokit from SDK27 to SDK28.
After I publishing the app to PlayStore, Android user updated the app will have
“Uncaught Error: 27.0.0 is not a valid SDK version. Options are 28.0.0, UNVERSIONED.”
It only happened when the users update the app from old version.

It works fine for iOS and new user in Android App.
Some Android users try to uninstall and reinstall the app, it works fine.
Could anyone know what is the problem?

your old APK (SDK27) still listen to the same expo endpoint as the new APK (SDK28).

it should be a same sdk version both on device and published endpoint.

Could you explain more?
How can I check the situation?

you can check with command expo publish:history on project directory
it will shows your endpoint, published version, and sdk version

my assumption your endpoint is new (loaded with new sdk28)
but the old customer (sdk27) request from new endpoint (sdk28) this is mismatch

i suggest use channels for make different between sdk27 and 28. it is same endpoint but different channels.

sdk27 on channel default
sdk28 on channel production-28

hope this help.


I have used the production channel already(refer to the image)
Should I change the 1.4.1 27.0.0 production channel to another channel?

I think I got your point. Thanks for your explanation
If I have updated the ExpoKit to a new version, I should better change to new release channel.

But why this problem only happens in the Android version?

hi @alanko check out version 1.5.1 and 1.4.1

1.5.1 is new customer and 1.4.1 old customer right?
it is same endpoint, same channels (production) but different sdk version.

and i dont have any idea why android only affected :sweat_smile:

Yes. Your observation is correct.
1.5.1 is the new customer with Expokit 28 and they can directly download from Playstore and use without a problem.
1.4.1 is the old customer with Expokit 27 installed app, they try to upgrade to 1.5.1. The problem will happen.

I try to publish the new channel for the new version, but it also doesn’t work.

When I clear the data of the android in the Setting->Apps->Storage ->Clear Data, it can work!!
Do anyone know the reason why?
Is there a solution for this problem? Becoz I can’t ask my users to clear the data when upgrading.

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