non-interative mode

Hello - I’m a brand new user to Expo, trying to create my first project on a Windows 10 machine using Git Bash and Expo version 3.7.1. When this command is entered expo init my-first-project the response is:

[16:50:00] Input is required, but Expo CLI is in non-interactive mode.
--template: argument is required in non-interactive mode. Valid choices are: 'blank', 'blank (TypeScript)', 'tabs', 'minimal', 'minimal (TypeScript)' or any custom template (name of npm package).

and no new project is created. Why won’t it create the project?

I also tried running Git Bash as admin and got the same result.


I seem to remember that certain commands need to be run differently when run from git bash on Windows. I think it mentions that during installation. But I’m not sure anyone else is using git bash with expo-cli, so it might be safest to try running everything under Ubuntu on WSL if possible.