Non-informative error in Snack

I have a working CRNA project, but when I mimic the same folder structure and code into a Snack, the following error appears.
The error message says:

undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘r.t0.toString’)

The linter shows error at line 13 but that carries over to any file that I open, as in, even if I open some other file in the editor, the error would be at line 13, so I believe it is of little significance.

Any pointers towards resolution would be helpful.
Link to snack:

This is a bug in snack’s handling of large projects, not something you’ve done. Sorry you ran in to that, I’ll let you know once we have it resolved.

Any news on this ?

Because i’m running the same problem

Any updates here? I believe I am running into a similar issue when importing a RN package into the snack editor, although the same package is importable from within the local dev environments.