No sound on iOS when the app is built

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  1. SDK Version: 42
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS

Hello, I have a simple app that uses sounds from mp3 files. When clicking on a button the sounds play once. I was on SDK 39 and it was working fine. Then updated to SDK 42 and I was thinking it was fine. The sound is working ok in development but once I publish it there is no sound. The problem is only on iOS. Tested with SDK 41 and the same problem is there as well. I’m using expo-av latest version with SDK 42. Any ideas what it might be or how I can check for errors when the app is build?

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So I’ve used expo init to create a new app. Added just expo-av and a simple code from expo documentation to play sound. Then published it and there was no sound on a real device in Expo Go app.
Is it some bug or the problem is with my devices?


I am facing same issue since we updated sdk 41 to sdk 42. It works in debug mode but stops working when we create a build and upload it to testflight.

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Same. Audio/sounds don’t play in build after sdk 42 upgrade.

Created an issue: No sound on iOS in production · Issue #13558 · expo/expo · GitHub
There are other people as well. But no solution yet.

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