No sound on ios when receiving a push notification

I’m using Push Notifications API provided by expo:

  1. SDK Version: sdk-38.0.2
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS: iOS

From my Android device, I can receive a notification with sound. From my iOS device, I still can receive a notification but without sound. I would like to have a sound every I get a new notification.

I followed the guideline here:
Does anyone get the same problem or any hint for me, please?

Here’s a tool you may be able to use to test out different data to test your notifications:

I use Notifications.scheduleNotificationAsync for local notifications, and use this as an argument:

    content: {
      title: 'Title...',
      body: `Body...`,
      ios: { sound: true },
    trigger: {
      seconds: ...

It worked for me. Thanks @jonsamp nsamp

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