no IPA url after expo build:ios

Hi guys, I am trying to build my expo app for IOS running expo build:ios , after deploying it for approximately an hour I am getting this error Timeout reached! Project is taking longer than expected to finish building, aborting wait… and eb78f150-1296-41b3-b2cb-f38978be56db to monitor the status via **** , for a white it shows that deployment is on progress then it despairs from page and page status turns to No builds exist, also expo build:status tells to run expo build:ios again, as there is no url, I have tried couple of times, how can I get IPA url of my expo project if neither expo **build:status ** returns it nor , no error log anywhere

I am useing expo-cli@2.13.0

thanks !

Hey @telemetrics,

Is it timing out every time? If so, is there a chance you are trying to bundle a large amount of assets?


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