No expokit package in node_modules after ejecting

Hello everyone, I have a problem in running a new expokit project on android studio under Mac.
It’s a simple project, i follow the official tutorial (Expokit ) so all I do is running the commands “Expo init” and “expo eject”.

After that, the IOS solution runs correctly on Xcode but i cannot build the Android solution.

Building from Android Studio I get the following error (see below). I searched in node_modules directory but i can’t find the expokit package directory.

I searched everywhere to find a solution but i wasn’t able to find similar issues.
Please, could you suggest me a way to proceed? :sweat_smile:

Best regards,

I solved it. I don’t know the reason of it but i had to manually install expokit via npm.
It works now. :grin:

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