No cache exists for this resource: shell-app.bundle

Last week, I updated my iOS expo app to expo version 28 and also stopped the OTA updates.

"updates": {
      "enabled": false

After this some of my customers are getting the error


It happens only to some customers, not everyone and I’m not able to replicate it on my device.

Has anyone faced this issue? Any idea why this could be happening?


Hi @deepz - thanks for reporting this, I haven’t heard of this happening before :thinking: We’ll look into it ASAP, but to help us try to reproduce the issue, could you provide us with the exact list of steps you took to upgrade and publish? i.e. in what order did you upgrade expo, change the updates settings in app.json, run exp publish, make a new build, and submit to the app store?

Here are the steps I followed.

  1. Upgraded expo
  2. Turned off updates in app.json
"updates": {
     "enabled": false
  1. Removed from app.json
  1. Built an ipa and uploaded to app store. (published to a release channel with the app version.)
exp build:ios --release-channel $VERSION

Thanks for the help.

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