No Cache Exists For This Resource: shell-app.bundle (revisited again)

Dear Expo Team,

My problem is related to:

Reference 1 - No cache exists for this resource: shell-app.bundle (revisited)


Reference 2 - No cache exists for this resource: shell-app.bundle

My team and my users are getting the same problem with the error message:

"There was a problem running “MY_APP_NAME”
“Try Again”
“No cache exists for this resource: shell-app bundle”

I am using Expo SDK 31 and in my app.json, I don’t have anything currently set for the “updates” key.

I am thinking about doing the same thing as Reference 2 did but Reference 1 still had a problem while setting “enabled” to “false” and I don’t see any response by you guys regarding a solution.

How should I fix this problem? Our app is live right now.


Another Dev

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Would a potential solution be:

  1. Set “updates”: {“enabled”: true, “checkAutomatically”: “ON_LOAD”, “fallbackToCacheTimeout”: 0}

  2. Use Expo.Updates.checkForUpdateAsync() to check for new updates when the App.js mounts.

  3. If there is a new update, use Expo.Updates.fetchUpdateAsync() to store to local cache.

Now when there is an OTA Update that doesn’t load due to poor connection, there will be a version stored in a local cache for the app to use and you won’t get this error?

Hi @sangbpark94 - could you share the build ID of the APK that is experiencing this error? Also, just to be sure, you’ve published your app at least once after upgrading to SDK 31, correct?

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