New release of react v16.0.0

With the latest release of react v16 can we update our dependencies to this version, or should we continue to wait for guidance from the expo dev community?

React Native includes a React renderer that is closely coupled to React so it’s safest to use the version of React that React Native asks for (currently 16.0.0-alpha.12). React Native 0.50, which would coincide with SDK 23, will likely include support for React 16.0.0 final.

In practice you might be able to use React 16.0.0 with React Native 0.48 and 0.49 but you might also end up with subtle bugs, pick your battles wisely… React Native 0.50 will probably ship with React 16.0.0.

The alpha, beta, and RC versions of React itself are all fairly stable (in contrast with the renderers) and work fine with their respective versions of React Native.