New react native version

I am using SDK32 and trying to create a bridge between ios and react native. My app is crashing in 12.2os iphone.
I found solutions on google to resolve the issue. Everyone is saying to update react version to 0.59
I am blocked because expo still uses 0.57.
Please suggest a solution.

Waiting for you reply

There are two ways.

  1. Wait until SDK33 is released. It’s going to be released soon. The drawback here is you have to wait.
  2. Eject from Expo, and upgrade React Native yourself. The drawback here is you can’t “go back”, and will need to continue working in the “bare workflow” instead of the “managed workflow”.

I have ejected project but using ExpoKit. Not regular react-native

You should then be able to upgrade React Native like any other RN project. Here are suggested links.

What do you mean with “not regular react-native”?

when we eject any expo project, it gives two option -
1> Convert to react native project
2> Use ExpoKit

I have used expo kit

Ok, does following the guides I linked to work for you?

Let me try

Nopes. Links are not useful. getting error on upgrading react native-
Build input file cannot be found:

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