New project - never stop loading

When i click Project/New Project loading is never finish.
What is wrong?

You’re using XDE? Can you say what version of XDE and what operating system you’re on?
Also, are you in a place where the Internet might not be reliable? or might be very slow?

I am download latest version of XDE (xde-2.17.0-x86_64.AppImage) for Linux (ubuntu 16.04 LTS).
Internet is not a problem.

I open with chmod a+x xde-2.17.0-x86_64.AppImage and ./xde-2.17.0-x86_64.AppImage , but still loading is never finish when i click Project / New Project…

I have no idea what is wrong…

Some people have had network issues with XDE. This should be fixed in an upcoming release but until then you can download the starter project manually from here:

I had the same issue with the new project stuck spinning and then the starter app was stuck on “waiting for package and tunnel to start”.

I was running Ubuntu through VirtualBox so I had to fiddle with the VM network settings. Bridged adapter and promiscuous mode worked for me but in Expo I had to change it to LAN.

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