New phone has same expo push token & device Id after restoring from backup

Hey guys,

After getting a new iphone and registering for push notifications in the expo client. I notificed all the push notifications sent to the push token were going to my old phone.
After inspecting it i realised that registering for push on both phones were getting the exact same push token, also the device Id was the same on the new phone.

Only after deleting and reinstalling the expo client was i able to get a new token and device id on the new phone.

This seems like a common use case (restoring from backup to new phone) that isn’t accounted for.

Yes, the installation ID will be the same across phones because of the backup. If you open your app and verify you have permission to display notifications (some permission settings may not carry over across backups – test this yourself) on the new phone with internet connectivity and don’t open it on the old phone, the mapping from the Expo push token should go to the new phone’s APNs token.

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