Never beofre seen error - expo push notification receipt - http/2 stream failed to start

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 40.0
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android/iOS

I am sending push notifications via expo server sdk. The receipt I’m getting back has an error i never saw before:

13 INTERNAL: Failed to start HTTP/2 stream

Here is the original push notification ticket i got back on send -

					"ticket": {
						"id": "e47c1ba6-e17e-410b-a2f0-74faaa057b98",
						"status": "ok"

This is the original message I sent:

						"data": {
							"partialMasjid": {
								"name": "Shalimar Islamic Centre",
								"id": 7673
						"sound": "default",
						"_displayInForeground": true,
						"to": "ExponentPushToken[mTG9-ILWXe9mGN3_rRswSH]",
						"title": "Shalimar Islamic Centre - New Event",
						"body": "Now hosting \"Jumaa 5\" - Friday Prayers at 2:00 pm.",
						"priority": "high",
						"channelId": "updates"

And then here is the receipt I get when I check later:

				"details": {
					"sentAt": 1608257898,
					"error": "ExpoError"
				"message": "There was an unexpected error delivering the notification.",
				"status": "error",
				"__debug": {
					"internalError": "13 INTERNAL: Failed to start HTTP/2 stream"

Has anyone seen this before? What is the proper action for me to do? Just delete the push notification ticket and accept that it failed?

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