network fetch, fails on live Android app, nor via Expo Client


Running SDK: 33

I have a rest call to retrieve clubs on our system:

const fetchResponse = await fetch(, { method: ‘GET’, headers: { ‘X-RLAPI’: '1FF330DE-4659-428C… } })

Works fine on iOS in Expo Client and production app, and Android via Expo Client, but in the live Android standalone app, it fails.

I managed to log the error to the screen:

What is the cause? I can’t find any answers Googling it…

Please help…

Regards, Thomas


Got the error now…

Network request failed

How come this errors only exists in my standalone App, and not in the exact same app via Expo Client?

Is my app missing a permission to access INTERNET(should be default)? Is it coliding with Intents ? The api url is like my app identifier.

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