Needing some help ejecting.

I have an expo app that I’ve inherited and have been asked to eject so platform specific functionality can be applied.
I have no history to go on for how the code base was generated but there is no eject script, so I suspect I need to use the expo-cli for performing this task.
However, when I run this > expo-cli eject it does the following:

[20:56:57] Making sure project is set up correctly...
[20:56:58] Your project looks good!
Warning! We found at least one file where your project imports the Expo SDK:

If you choose the "plain" React Native option below, these imports will stop working.
We strongly recommend that you read this document before you proceed:
Ejecting is permanent! Please be careful with your selection.

? How would you like to eject from create-react-native-app? Cancel: I'll continue with my current project structure.
[20:58:07] OK! If you change your mind you can run this command again.

and sure enough, those modules do reference expo. My question… what do I do about this? Am I supposed to find replacements for the services these modules are using from expo? or?

thanks for any help on this.

If you choose to eject “plain” React Native option. then yes, you will need to find an alternative to those things which are being imported from expo specific module.

Next month It is possible than expo guys will publish their expo library on npm may be, from where you can install and use those services with “plain” react native project.

So you’re implying that there are plans that should make expo modules available for non expo based apps?
if so, is there a story I can reference that describes this effort?

yes, read this article


Hey, thanks for the information!

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