Need to develop expo-config plugin using react-native plugin,Can not find exact steps.

we are having an analytical vendor plugin for our expo application.
In this scenario we don’t want to use “eject” ,So trying to develop the plugin.
I am looking for-
1.exact documentation for expo config
2.Any Demo for the same plugin approach.

Waiting for the reply.

Hi @shailesh_galgal

Could you point us to the installation instructions? Or tell us what you need to do?

The documentation is of course here:

But I’ve found is most useful to look at how other config plugins are implemented.

  • Have a look at the expo/expo repository. Look for app.plugin.js files and the files they import under packages
  • The expo/config-plugins repository is similar. It also has a packages directory with app.plugin.js files in the subdirectories
  • There are also some in the expo/expo-cli repository. Search for files called with*.ts