Need some way to restart the application

I am building an RTL application that utilizes I18nManager.forceRTL(true).

if the user’s locale is an RTL one, the initial launch looks fine. if not then the app layout is flipped until the user restarts the app which requires force quitting it. Is there a way to force quit an app on the user’s behalf? there are packages like react-native-restart, but I prefer not ejecting the app.


There’s Util.reload() which sounds like it might work for you. It’s in the Expo API docs.

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I have tried that … but it seems that the entire application needs to be quitted and started again

Should I open an issue on github to see if it is worth addressing to other users?

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Unfortunately in android standalone this isn’t working. I am facing the same RTL issue.

util.reload use to work but suddenly started causing a crash in the last week (on SDK 25). I’ve had to change the functionality of the app to tell the user to manually restart, which isn’t ideal.

I tried to first check if isRTL then do Update.reload() . But it doesn’t works on standalone android app


Any Updates on this one? Updates.reload() still not restarting the app

I need this function too. Any updates? thanks!

Any update ? Is there any alternative for this issue

horrible unsolved issue!!

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Or use this package:

This will help you:

I have opened a feature request for this here:

In the meantime, I had to make the app crash in order to avoid ejecting.