Need help with first steps of implementing in-app purchases


I need some help implementing in-app purchases in my React Native. I don’t know native mobile development, so I am struggling with even the first steps.

I have several very basic questions on how to start, but first some context.

I already use bare workflow (it is a kids app, so I can’t have any tracking), but in my current development process, I just make the changes in React Native, then eject and submit. I kind of decided to use the package expo-in-app-purchases (because it’s from Expo).

So, my very basic doubts:

  1. It is a JS package, so I should program everything in React Native and only after I’m done, I eject it and submit it, is that right? Is there any tutorial for doing that? I am having difficulties just following the API reference.
  2. Will I have to code anything in native mobile languages (be it iOS or Android)? What?
  3. The package’s documentation for iOS talks about configuring the in-app purchases on App Store Connect as a first thing. But on App Store Connect itself, there is a warning that my first in-app purchase must be “sent with a new version of the app” to be reviewed. Only after this first binary with in-app purchase is sent and reviewed that I should configure other in-app purchases on the site. Did I understand it right? What should I do first, code an in-app purchase on my app or configure the App Store Connect?

I believe what I actually need is a detailed tutorial for using InAppPurchases in an Expo/React Native process. Is there anything like that around?

Any help is appreciated!

Out of curiosity, did you end up finding any good resources? I’m struggling as well :slight_smile: