Navigating with react native web

I’ve been trying to get navigation working well with react-native-web (default expo app basically) but it’s not going great so far. The docs don’t exist, nobody really understand how it works and it has a lot of difficult issues to tackle.

In the expo docs it says “React Navigation support for web is currently early and incomplete. We recommend using react-router for web routing instead.”

But I am confused as to why this then comes with expo init. Honestly I just want to use react navigation and I’d like to help out if possible but I have no idea where to look, where to begin.

A bit open ended but… Yeah, any pointers? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

PS: I know it’s bleeding edge stuff, I’m not complaining. I knew the risks when I started playing with it.

A late reply but I documented how I got up and running here:

with a small follow up here:

With this I have a working solution that supports both Native and Web, and supports deep linking!

Better late than never :slight_smile:

I found those myself as well but they didn’t help. I still can’t nest routes and recover them properly, and it still breaks when I use the browser’s back button for example

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