My react-native Expo app is mirrored when I display it in iPhone vs on Android

I cant imagine I’m the first one to see this, but I’m developing my first Expo app using SDK42 and I have been doing my testing using my physical Android device using the Expo app. But when I try to display the application using an iPhone inside the Expo app, I find all the menus and Navigation icons are mirrored and shown from right to left.

Can anyone help please and pint me to how to fix this weird issue? Thank you

You should start with an bare example project using one of the menus or components, which shouldn’t be mirrored, and then try to find the diff with that and your project

Do you by any chance have something in your phone’s settings to do with a right-to-left language? (Just a guess)

I live in a region with RTL language but my phone settings is all English US. So it could be that Apple is detecting the region and deciding to layout automatically.
I also tried the App on two different iPhones and got the same layout mirrored.

Anyhow, I used the Platform.OS to detect the platform and display the layout accordingly

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