My Kids App was rejected by App Store and Play Store due to EXPO Facebook SDK

I have a Kids App on both Play Store and App Store which was previously accepted for kids <4 years old as well under Family Apps.

As I updated to EXPO SDK 41… It was immediately rejected by both stores, saying that as they scanned the app and detected I had some privacy issues having to do with the Facebook SDK, which I don’t make use of in my entire project.

Is there a way to REMOVE the Facebook SDK from my EXPO project without having to eject my App from the managed profile?

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hi there! yes, you can build your app with eas build: EAS Build - Expo Documentation - please note that this is only available for paid accounts in feature preview right now, but you can get a free month to try it out. we’ll roll out a free tier for all users sometime in the next few months.

here’s more info fyi/ at master · expo/fyi · GitHub

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Yes, I tried with EAS and now working fine but still looking for the solution with original SDK.

There is no solution to this, unless you use EAS Build (or build yourself), or eject.

See Limitations - Expo Documentation
In particular “Your app cannot target only children under 13 years old without customizing native dependencies

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Thanks for the reply. I am eager to give EAS Build a try!

Couple of questions though, what do I have to do specifically to remove any SDK that deals with facebook on EAS Build to avoid having my app rejected again in both app stores?

And after the trial period of EAS is over, can I pay for the monthly plan ONLY in the months that I make use of it or am I obligated to pay it continuously for unlimited time?

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Make sure you don’t have references to facebook in your dependencies in package.json:
Only libraries included in your package.json are included in the resulting standalone app

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