My generated APK won't properly work with Appium


I have generated APK to test with appium, and for the first run, all goes well. Problems start with subsequent testing.

Appium will open the app as expected, but will not communicate with it. I wrote about it here:
I have isolated the problem to something to do with expo signing, since apks that I have created with react-native work just fine. How is Expo apk generation different? What can I do about this? Is there a way?

Hey @milanjimi!

Could you tell me what Expo SDK version you’re using?

Also, does the issue only occur in an Appium session?

SDK 2.10.1
It seems only in appium, so far I have had no issues launching the app itself.

If you want an example APK, I have created one example.apk - Google Drive .
It was created by building (with just adding android capabilities)

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