My Expo App with custom dev client started crashing only in prod after updating to expo v43

Hello all,

I can confirm that this crash started happening only after updating expo v43, I did not change any other code AT ALL. Issue is TestFlight does not even create a crash log, I have been troubleshooting for 3 weeks by commenting out huge chunks of my app and running run:ios --configuration Release --device to quickly iterate through different debug versions but I am not able to pin down the issue down to anything for the life of me. The Android build works fine, and the code works fine completely normally in the development client on iOS… just not in production. Any guidance would be appreciated.

I was able to get some logs by connecting my phone to my laptop and recording the logs during the crash. I was able to get this message :
Sandbox: Stacksharetest(463) deny(2) file-test-existence /private/etc/.mdns_debug

To anyone having this issue I would like to leave this here.

You can create a build that will run on the simulator by first first doing a commit, then running expo run:ios --configuration Release --device and choosing a simulator on your Mac. After that run the app and when it crashes the logs will be shown inside the Console on your mac under the “Crash Reports”. Just search ‘Console’ and you will see the application.