my app rejected from google play bcz permission i dont use

  • Update your app to use privacy best practices such as Storage Access Framework or Media Store API
  • Update your app to announce permission to access all files ( MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE ) in the manifest, and to complete the statement of permission to access all files in the Play Console starting May 5
  • Completely remove the permission to access all files from your app

For apps targeting Android 11, the tag will be ignored requestLegacyExternalStorage . You have to use the access permission to all files to retain access to external storage space.

Applications that require access to all files without permission to use will be removed from Google Play, and you will not be able to publish updates.

your app was not rejected, that is a warning. refer to Google Warning regarding `MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE` and `requestLegacyExternalStorageflag` for Android apps · Issue #12603 · expo/expo · GitHub

there no any solution in the comments

please keep conversations to that issue. if your app was actually rejected for this (99% sure it was not, and it’s just a warning) then you should go to that thread and include a screenshot and more info

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