My app is working in Expo Publish App but crashing in PlayStore

I just published my app on PlayStore:

But it’s not working as expected; the main page is blank and the icons are not showing, or it just crashes immediately after opening.

However, in the Expo Publish App, it works normally

I’m not sure how to even start debugging or solving this; how can I see what the error was and what can be happening?

I used expo start -c and expo build:android to build the APK.

Thanks for your help

I just installed your app on my Android 10. The icons load, and the app freezes. The map doesn’t load and tapping on the icons do nothing. Tapping the hamburger icon does nothing, but swiping from the left to right opens the menu.

I tried it within the Expo app and it works just fine.

I recommend you install Sentry to catch the errors (using the try…catch statement).

Have you also tested your app in an iOS or Android emulator?

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